K9 Nose Work®

Due to the recent concerns regarding the pandemic current face-face consults, classes and training have been placed on hold.

Crazy Canines is working to release new services to you - including discussion based training with video support options.

Check back soon to see what we can offer you and your dog to get through this challenging time!

What is K9 Nose Work®?

K9 Nose Work® is suitable for virtually any dog regardless of any previous training or experience that you have with your dog! Scenting and searching is one of the best ways to have fun with your dog.

It is an activity that dogs can enjoy and we begin by getting them excited about searching and exploring for something they love - be it a treat or a toy hidden in boxes. Searches are held away from other dogs so that each dog can focus on the game without distractions.

Nose work can help to build a dogs confidence. Allowing them to learn to work through environmental challenges and sensitivities. Nose work can help your dog to learn to settle and focus on a specific task providing mental stmulation and an outlet for energy. As your dog becomes more confident the game can expand to explore in new areas, inside and outside and even search vehicles!

Jo is a certified nose work instructor for the NACSW (National Association of Canine Scent work)

If you get hooked, want to learn more and want to part take in nose work as a competitive sport you can then move on to teaching your dog to find specific odours - such as Birch, Anise, Clove & Cypress (These include the NACSW and ANKC competition odours). For teams already 'on odour' look at our skill building sessions and watch out for workshops and K9 Scent Seeker fundays where you can meet other people that enjoy the games with their dogs.

For information regarding trialling in Australia please contact your local ANKC representative at your dog club or through Dogs Victora. For ACSW trialling click on the ACSW Link

An Introduction to Nose Work

Level 1

4 week course


90 min class

Please note you may be advised to repeat this course at a discounted rate before moving onto the next level - depending on your dogs progress.

Each week you will begin to develop and enhance your dogs drive, confidence and motivation to search and explore.

Training is focussed on having fun with your dog and topics within class may vary depending on the individual group requirements.

You will see nervous dogs gain in confidence, boisterous dogs settle and become calm.

Dogs will be searching for favourite toys and food - depending on what motivates them most to search and explore.

Suitable for all ages, abilities and breeds.

Ideal for newly adopted and rehomed dogs as you will begin to build a bond and understand your dog better while providing them the opportunity to search and scent - a natural ability for all dogs that can help reduce stress and anxiety.

Provides you with a new game to play and helps to reduce behavioural concerns by providing instant mental stimulation.

Introduction to Odour

Nose Work

Level 2

6 week course


90 min class

Includes Odour Kit

Intro to Nose Work (Level 1) is a pre-requisute for this course.

Are you ready to move your dog onto finding a specific odour?

You will be asking your dog to search for something we want them to find.

This course is an introduction to new odours and further ongoing skill building is recommended on completion.

All are welcome.

Training is based on the NACSW methods.

NB:If you already have been training on odour but have not completed 'Intro to K9 Nose Work® (Level 1)' then please contact me to discuss your current level.

(Australian competition odours will be used in class)

Group bookings can be requested for other available times.

Skill Building Sessions

For teams on odour

Level 3

Individual Weekly sessions


90 min class

Intro to Odour - Nose Work: (Level 2) is a pre-requisite for these classes.

Book into weekly sessions to practice your skill building and continue developing your dogs desire and motivation to search.

Sessions include individual tuition, discussions and where possible video reviews

Topics that may be included:

Fun with discrimination;

Lead Handling Games;

Complex Convergence;

From thresholds to corners

Expanding elevation; suspension and inaccessible hides.

Value in Vehicles!

Training is based on the NACSW methods.

If you have trained with another CNWI please email to discuss as you will be eligible to enter this class

(Australian competition odours will be used in class)

Skill Building Courses:

4 week blocks with a one topic focus are also available on request.

Scent Seekers

Have you already taught your dog to seek and search for odour?

Scent Seekers fun days and practice sessions are for teams that are already on ACSW and ANKC competition odours. (Birch, Anise, Clove & Cypress).

The days are designed for you to:

  • Have fun with your dog!
  • Get to meet others enjoying the sport.
  • Practice a day of scenting with your dog!

The NACSW methodology and values will be upheld on fun days, workshops and when training.

For further information about K9 Scent Seeker fun days please contact jo@crazycanines.com.au.

K9 Nose Work® Shelter Dog Project:

Nose work is hugely beneficial to animals in high stress situations such as kennel and shelter environments.

The natural seeking and searching behaviour is proven to increase 'feel good' hormones (dopamine and seratonin) and will help counteract stress hormones (such as cortisol).

The activity is also fun for the dogs and builds confidence with those that are timid, and helps to settle those with large amounts of energy!

Jo currently volunteers at the RSPCA (Vic) in Burwood East and at Pearcedale to coordinate this aspect of the enrichment program and help the dogs in the shelter.

If you assist in a recue group, kennel or shelter environment and would like to find out more please contact me for information on what you can do.