The Crazy Canines Crew

About My Canine Crew

I have cared for and connected with a number of beautiful animals while fostering for the RSPCA. Raising puppies, kittens, rabbits and guinea pigs.

All the animals that I have interacted with have made me who I am and I will be forever grateful for what they have shown and taught me. They will be forever in my thoughts and heart.

Special interests with my own dogs include:

Canine nose works - scent detection for fun!

NADAC - competitive agility.

Rally-O - obedience competitions which allows interaction with your dog as you complete the course.

Retrieval training - using non-aversive and positive only techniques.

Tricks Training - to keep their minds and bodies busy and keeping training fun!

TTouch - a balanced and mindful way of interacting with all our pets

Check out the Crazy Canines Facebook page for pictures and activities of what we are up to throughout the year.

Roxy 2003-2018

Roxy - A gentle old dame who joined our family in 2009 when she was 6yrs old.

She struggled with walking on a lead and living in such a busy urban area.

She had a large number of anxiety concerns with all the changes and was renowned for jumping fences to find me. She became very settled and learnt many new things in her new life, including skateboarding; opening cupboards and doors and collecting everyday items; detection skills for fun and many more tasks.

She became deaf in 2013, then blind in 2015, and diagonised with a rare form of lymphoma in mid 2015.

She continued to enjoy life. She loved scent work at this time and excelled in this task in her own home and in a few special classes.

Without the welcoming of Roxy into our life I would not have entered into the journey I embarked on to become a dog behavioural trainer.


Timber - cross breed rescue canine! Owned since he was 10months old and quite surprisingly we were his fourth home. We were selected by the Cavalier King Charles Rescue Group in Brisbane to be his new home in 2006 and he never looked back.

Tiber loves learning tricks and among other tasks has been on stage at the St Kilda festival. He has also assisted in many of the RSPCA (Vic) Education programs.

He has dabbled his paws in obedience and Rally-O but has landed his feet and nose firmly in the sport of scent detection - in which he continues to teach me how outstanding his nose - and many of his canine colleagues - really can be.

He has achieved his NW1 title (2018) and Rally-O Novice title, (2017), proving that old dogs can still have fun!


Murphy - A cheeky young fellow that keeps me very much on my toes! Born March 2015 and growing more and more everyday in many many ways!

He is an English Springer Spaniel from working lines with a boundless energy and a great love of life.

His love of swimming is matched only by his love of birds and I really do think he wishes he could fly!

For Murphy every new outing, adventure and experience is another opportunity to provide a carefully managed chance for appropriate socialisation that will allow him to learn and further develop his life skills.

He has achieved his NW1 title and Rally-O Novice title (2017) We are currently learning to work together in NADAC (North American Dog Agility Council) competitions. Enjoying jumpers, weavers, hoopers and barrellers! A great fun way to enjoy agility with your dog.